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Wonton Destruction

(How to Rule the World with Chinese Takeaway)

Lea Michelle
23 April 1985
"I think we just fell down the rabbit hole."
acting, anthropology, apple, are you being served?, ashbury heights, asstoggle, au, blackadder, blaming lea, caffeine, calc nerdery, catholicism, cats, chelsea fc, chris walla, classic rock, classical music, colin meloy, colin mochrie, concertina, crack, css, danny elfman, darkness!bertie, death cab for cutie, differential equations, discordia, doctor who, douglas adams, drama, eastern rite, eddie izzard, engineering, english literature, entropy, et al, et cetera, expletives, exploding bees, fanfiction, football, genesis, graphic design, guitar, harry potter, html, hurdy-gurdy, ice cream, improv, inappropriate fortune cookies, let's have crumpets, lewis carroll, linear algebra, linux, make it spin!, monty python, mst3k, muses, mythbusters, mythology, oingo boingo, old casio keyboards, onomatopoeia, open source, paleontology, parentheticals, peter gabriel, philosophy, physics, piano, pink floyd, politics, post-it notes, poutine, pretending to do art, progressive rock, prose, pure reason revolution, reading, religion, remus lupin, richard iii, ridiculous experiments, rock star man-harems, roleplaying, ruing stravinsky's birth, samuel beckett, science fiction, snark, sock puppets, spencer krug, spoon, sporks, stargate, stars, sunset rubdown, tarkio, tea, techno, terry pratchett, the beatles, the brandenburg concertos, the decemberists, the long winters, the original star wars, the smiths, the stone roses, the word "fuck", thinkgeek.com, thunderstorms, twiglets, ultimate geekitude, ultra-frig night, university, viola, voxtrot, waaaaaah, willem dafoe, william faulkner, william shakespeare, wine, wliia?, wolf parade, writing, yeahfireyeahyeahfire!, zawesomesauce